Welcome to the SMI home page and the site of Dr. Peggy Farmer. Our purpose is to promote the resurgence of personal values as a tool for self empowerment and increased personal and professional performance. Working from an international platform, SMI provides a unique service that genuinely benefits people and leads to a more fulfilling and enjoyable workplace and empowered personal life . SMI offers on site, cost-effective, timely training programs tailored to meet your specific needs.
If you or your company are experiencing:

                                      Stress and/or stress related illnesses
                                       Poor or low motivation and low morale
                                       Ineffective or no communication
                                      Rapid change
                                      Ineffective or no leadership
                                     Team conflicts

Then Self Mastery International will assist you or your company in alleviating and solving each of these issues resulting in the co-creation of a new found sense of self mastery. Achieving a sense of self empowerment leads to life long changes...not short term bandages. We offer a variety of seminars and workshops that can be tailor-made to meet your specific needs. Program lengths are also designed with flexibility in mind so they can be from 2 hours to 2 days depending on the requirements of the organization. Keynotes and breakouts sessions at seminars around the country are also available with Dr. Peggy Farmer and can be arranged through this website.

Life Coaching/Counseling

Individual life coaching with Dr. Farmer provides in-depth life coaching and counseling on pressing life issues such as career, life purpose, relationships, stress management, decision making skills, conflict resolution and one-to-one communication training via telephone sessions or in person. Clients have benefited from these powerful telephone sessions in Asheville, Aspen, Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee, Boston, Baltimore, New York City and Tampa.

Self Mastery International
790 Payne Cove Drive
South Pittsburg, TN 37380
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